Prototype Chair: Ziggy

Prototype Chair: Ziggy

Prototype Chair: Ziggy, London
Material R&D for a Furniture Prototype
OCEAN D: Tom Verebes (project co-ordination, design); Jasmina Juvovic


  • Verebes, T. (2003). “Non-standard Species”, Latent Utopias: Experiments within Contemporary Architecture. (Hadid, Z., Schumacher, P., Eds.). Vienna: Springer-Verlag. pp. 190-198


As a prototype for a lounge chair, Ziggy applies folding as a technique to achieve greater structural performance, to make an adequately rigid surface which is still flexible to achieve the required comfort of a lounge chair.  The materials are folded polystyrene plastic welded to adjacent sheets.  This was a first prototype, initially at scale 1:20, then increasingly large at scale 1:5.



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May 12, 2014