OCEAN CN Consultancy Network

Consultancy & Expertise

A comprehensive team can be quickly mobilized from our network, for direct commissions from private developers and clients, government development agencies, and planning bureaus. OCEAN CN also collaborate as specialist design consultants to architectural, engineering, and design practices, and design institutes, as outsourced agents, in short-term or long-term contracts, and joint-venture partnerships.

  • Direct commissioning by client body
  • Joint-venture partners with other architects, engineers or designers
  • Outsourcing of specialist design work by other architects, engineers or designers


OCEAN CN can integrate their expertise with partner organisations, as specialist consultants:

Imagineering Design Consultants

OCEAN CN is a next generation team of designers at the forefront of contemporary practice, research and education.  With years of experience in generating new concepts, strategies, images and brands, our team aims to channel this expertise towards design innovation. Working with other experts in a multidisciplinary context, OCEAN CN offers Imagineering services from initial concept design stages of projects, as well as acting as strategic consultants throughout all stages to completion.

Technology Consultants 

OCEAN CN’s broad experience in applying advanced design skill-sets towards architectural design can be outsourced or teamed with as a JV partner. Our team can be mobilised to focus on generative conceptual design schemes; specific areas of an ongoing project; or more holistic manufacturing strategies to target the construction delivery of a project. The technology team can be expanded to include BIM experts, along with other programmers, engineers, and fabricators.