Changliu Grouping Area CBD Urban Design

Changliu Grouping Area CBD Urban Design

Changliu Grouping Area CBD Urban Design, Haikou, Hainan Island, PR China
Work performed with: Graduate Design Programme, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK (Jeffrey Kipnis, Bahram Shirdel, Programme Directors; assisted by Michael Hensel, Course Tutor)
Performed in a team of four (4) post-professional masters level students
Commissioned to the Architectural Association by Haikou City Planning Department, Haikou, Hainan Island


  • Jencks, C., (1995). The Architecture of the Jumping Universe. London: Academy Editions.


This 64 km2 masterplan aims to urbanise a peninsula adjacent to Haikou City and the Macun Grouping Area on Hainan Island. The project aims to install the desirable complexity of a city, with a high level of coherence and identity. In this first phase, a range of spatial, programmatic and institutional organisations are distributed with differential densities of buildings, landscape and infrastructural amenities. The roadways are extended to include public urban plazas with soft commercial enterprise.The ‘urban ocean’ extends from north to south, providing a dynamic public event space for cultural and civic amenities. A Ferry Port Terminal for passengers and cargo is positioned at the northern tip of the peninsula, and the road network links the adjacent urban satellite centers.



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May 12, 2014