Yubei Wholesale Market

Yubei Wholesale Market

Yubei Wholesale Market, Chongqing, China
Commission: Brothers Ltd., Chongqing
Role: Tom Verebes (Design Direction, Conceptual Design)
Specialist Design Consultants for façade design: OCEAN CN
Architects: PHA Design, Hong Kong


This 120,000m2 project for a wholesale mall comprises a vast interior for wholesale shop­ping, offices, and a car park. The entrances from the main thoroughfare is fronted with a 600m long wall which is the design remit of OCEAN CN. In this early stage of design, three schemes are being considered as a visual screen of the car park and delivery area. The limited variation of components define a porous screen which, combined with applied colours and patterns, lighting and incorporated advertising, create a striking graphic and spa­tial identity for the project. The project is at the early stages of sketch design.



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June 24, 2014