Warner House

Warner House

Warner House, London
Commission: Interior Penthouse Loft Conversion
Client:  Angela Yeats
Budget £150K GBP ($270K USD)
OCEAN D: Tom Verebes, Aaron Casey, Eva Krane, Yael  Harel-Gilad
Role: Concept Design, Client coordination; presentation; post-production


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  • Architecture Beijing Biennale ABB 2004, Beijing, 2004
  • Interbuild, London, April, 2004
  • Performative Architecture, TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands, April 2004
  • Digital Scapes, Verona, Italy, 2004



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The brief of this design commission is the remodeling of a penthouse loft of a 1950’s industrial building in Farringdon, London. The clients collect Op-Art paintings by Bridget Riley amongst others, and the organisational patterns of are generated from similar mathematical patterns, producing a range of optical effects on a three-dimensional stair, glass treatment, bespoke wallpaper and a dynamic floor pattern. In addition, a new kitchen will be installed, and the bathrooms will be remodelled. Significant structural works will be carried out to install the new stairway to the mezzanine, where an informal office mixes with living space.



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May 12, 2014