Ski Chalet Interior

Ski Chalet Interior

Ski Chalet Interior, Chamonix, France Commission: Interior Conversion; Bespoke built-in furnishing Client:  Gustavo Mana Budget £130K GBP ($245K USD) OCEAN D: London Tom Verebes, Yael Harel-Gilad, Robert Neumayr, Abraham Gordn, Boyan Tzvetkov, Meiko Nibashima, Jay Chayhun, Lionel Sacks-Monsky, Eva Krane Boston: Robert Elfer, Kevin Cespedes New York: Wade Stevens b-consultants, London: Tom Barker GP Structures, Sallanches, France: M. Garovo Role: Concept Design, Design Development Client coordination; presentation; post-production                             


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This project proposed to remodel the interior of a late modernist ski chalet apartment on the slopes of Mont Blanc in Chamonix.  All interior walls are removed to open the 55m2 interior as a landscape of various built-in furnishing elements, applying advanced computer aided off-site manufacturing technologies. Intelligent and interactive lighting systems will be emebedded in column and wall surfaces, and be linked to a seating area milled from soft polyeurethene foam and coated with latex, recording the history of use in the flat, in relation to lighting adjusted in real-time to exterior environmental conditions.  Three dimensionally curved tectonics are articulated in Corian, cnc milling and more traditional plasterwork.


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May 12, 2014