Pool-top Villa

Pool-top Villa, Gaucín, Andalucia, Spain
Commissioned by Nicole Izsak & Tom Verebes
Building Area: 230m2
Budget: €180 Euros
Planning Permission Issued by Local Authority; Construction pending


Situated in a 800 year “white village” in Andalucia, Gaucín is comprised of traditional low rise village houses, clinging to the contour lines of the mountainous terrain. The site has a courtyard and outbuildings, which are part of a planning permission to build a 4-floor villa, with a swimming pool and terrace on the roof, overlooking the Mediterranean and the Rif Mountains of Morocco in the distance. Limited by Planning regulations to have windows on only two sides of the four-sided building, a complex set of light-wells and atria bring daylight down into the lower floors of the house.


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May 12, 2014