Glass Wall Prototype

Glass Wall Prototype

Glass Wall Prototype, New York, USA
Commission: Curators of “Sign as Surface”, Artists Space
OCEAN D: Kevin Cespedes, Robert Elfer, Jasmina Jugovic, Masoud Mahboobullah, Chris Mulvey, Wade Stevens, Tom Verebes
Role: Creative Director, Presentation; Text
Manufacturer/ Fabricators: Ctek, Zcorp, 3-Form


  • Sign as Surface, Artists Space, 2003
  • DRLTENPOINTZERO, Architectural Association, February-March, 2008


  • Verebes, T., (2008). AADRL Documents 2: DRL TEN, A Design Research Compendium. (Obuchi, Y., Schumacher, P., Spyropoulos, T., Verebes, T., Eds.). London: AA Publications.
  • Zellner, P., (2003). Sign as Surface. (Zellner, P., Ed.). New York: Artists Space. pp. 66-70.


This product research project is a mock-up size prototype of a self-supporting glass boundary, using innovative vacuum-formed glass technology, in collaboration with Ctek. The first prototype was installed at Artists Space Gallery in New York, in a group exhibition titled Sign as Surface, curated by Peter Zellner. The fold lines flow across the sheets of glass, embedding greatly enhanced structural capacity than flat vertical planes of glass. Two strata of glass are connected at three zone, as they lean against each other to achieve stasis. Fields of eyelid openings peel away along the fold lines, piercing the glass skin. The glass can be treated to respond in real-time to ambient light, with the application of diachroic films and surface treatments, experimenting with a range of visual and material effects.  The specific local colouration and luminosity at any given time is dependent on the mobile position of the subject in relation to reflected and refracted light.



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May 12, 2014